Section Cutter: Also called Section Weight Cutter, or Hot Wire Bottle cutter.

The section cutter provides an efficient and cost-effective way to cut PET (Polyethylene teraphthalate) containers into consistently accurate sections for individual weight analysis. An operator places a container upon the adjustable supports and closes the top of the machine. Through the use of heated wires and gravity, each container is precisely divided, allowing each individual section to be weighed in order to ensure the correct thickness and distribution of material.

Our section cutter consists of:

  • Eight adjustable bottle supports.
  • Steel scales to set wire distances.
  • Four easily adjustable hot wires to cut up to five sections.
  • Adjustable heat controller to control temperature of wires.
  • Selector switch to select three or four wire operation.

Our section cutters safely allow hands-free operation. The heated wires cut through the container without applied force from the operator, thus allowing for a clean cut without distortion.

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