Large Machining

5-Axis machining on parts up to 120" x 75" x 66"

Master Craftsmen

Expert CNC Machinists are a dying breed.


Ability to hold tolerances up to 0.0001"


Machine Specifications

Qty Type Model Max Envelope
5 Vertical Machining Center Fadal 80"x30"
1 Vertical Machining Center Mazak VCU500C 20"x40"x20"
1 Vertical Machining Center Mazak VTC-20B 24"x20"x44"
2 Vertical Machining Center Mazak Nexus 410A-II 24"x20"x44"
9 Vertical Machining Center Bridgeport Series I w/CNC Control 36"x12"x16"
1 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Sunstrand 120"x75"x66"
1 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Makino MCB1210 49"x41"x31"
1 4-Axis Boring Mill Ikegai Model #NB110T 79"x63"57" and W=25"

Industry Applications

Food Processing
Custom Contracting

Our Work

Whether nickel, titanium, aluminum, or steel, Riverside has the equipment necessary to machine your finished product to perfect precision. Metal removal, turning, grinding and milling – you name it. “Precision manufacturing” characterizes our operation like no other term.

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